Culebra Info

You can always immerse yourself in the sparkling azure views and soothing breezes on peaceful Hilltop, but you might also want to enjoy the jewels among sights and activities around the rustic wilds of Culebra.

Here are a few of the pearls and a sampling of local, expert businesses to help you craft an unforgettable experience


FLAMENCO – Culebra’s crown jewel, Flamenco is the renowned, soft white sand beach that stretches for half a mile in turquoise cove, and routinely makes the lists of the top beaches in the world, as seen in the Huffington Post or here and here.
ZONI – narrower with fewer visitors, but still has soft sand for a long walk; it’s the perfect beach to catch a sunrise and see the islands of Cayo Norte and Isla Culebrita across the bay
BRAVA – remote, usually deserted, but nice tan sand that is much more accessible by boat unless you like long hikes; swimming is not advised in the rough surf.
RESACA – one of the the most difficult to reach, virtually requires a boat to get there, but big and beautiful (beware the undertow; swimming is risky!)

TAMARINDO – a mostly rocky beach for people who like to sit without sand getting everywhere, and a snorkeler’s heaven!
CARLOS ROSARIO – a short (15-20 minute) hike from Flamenco’s parking lot; soft tan sand with fantastic snorkeling on a spectacular reef
MELONES – a pebbly beach that features good swimming and snorkeling, and, oh yes, sunsets
WEST BEACH – narrow, beautiful sand, but requires a boat to reach; you may well see fantastic marine life, including turtles
TORTUGA – a long horseshoe around soft sand, and calm azure waters for a one-of-a-kind swim, but you’ll have to get out to Isla Culebrita in the east to savor it!



Most eating establishments, but not all, are located in or near Culebra’s main town of Dewey.

Dinghy Dock (787)-742-0233
American, Puerto Rican

Zaco’s Tacos (787)-742-0243
Mexican with Caribbean touches

Panaderia Pandeli (787)-742-3311
Bread, pastries, breakfast, and the best coffee on the island

Mamacita’s Restaurant and Bar (787)-742-0322

Susie’s Restaurant (787)-340-7058
Tropical latitudes cuisine, mixing Asian and Caribbean

Krusty Krab (787)-435-0671
Fresh local seafood. Seasonal Menu

El Panino (787)-501-1441
Heather’s Pizza (787)-742-3175

Vibra Verde (787)-909-4094
Caribbean, breakfast/lunch cafe

Tiki’s Grill (787) 742-0241
Breakfast, huge selection of Burger’s for lunch

Grocery stores

The town of Dewey has a few small but well-stocked grocery stores include Colmado Milka, Marco’s Grocery, Superette Mayra, and Supermercado Costa del Sol.

Baked goods: Culebra’s one and only bakery, Panaderia Pandeli, is open early on most mornings.

For produce, check the produce stand around the corner from the ferry terminal, on Pedro Marquez Street.

Odds & Ends

Culebra Museum of History (only open on weekends; admission is one dollar!)

Culebrita Lighthouse (the building is closed and in need of renovation, but the views of the Caribbean and the surrounding cliffs are spectacular!)

Culebra Public Library (built and maintained by volunteers, but is quite the gem if you have a book craving)


Culebra enjoys a host of local businesses with all the local expertise you need to discover the right spot for your day’s adventure!

Culebra Divers – diving and snorkeling, including training, dive travel with a boat and guide, and licensed equipment inspection (787)-742-0803

Culebra Island Adventures – snorkeling and kayaking, including boat tours (787)-529-3536

Culebra Snorkeling & Dive Center (787)-435-3662

Caribbean Kayak Company – kayaking and snorkeling, including tours

Kayaking Puerto Rico (Aquafari) – kayaking (787)-435-166

Culebra Bluewater Charters – boat charters for fishing, diving, snorkeling, sightseeing (e-mail inquiries via website)

Culebra Sailing – sail aboard the wooden schooner Russamee (787)-435-9996

Culebra Bike Shop – bikes, kayaks, and snorkeling equipment (787)-742-0589