Bay View

Shared Pool

You’ll savor the best views on Hilltop from the Bay View Guestroom, including Ensenada Honda bay and Resaca mountain! A hammock, pool, and lush garden are right outside your front door…the soft white sands of world-famous Flamenco Beach and most restaurants are five minutes away. We are an eco-friendly, solar-powered guesthome protecting the natural beauty of Culebra. Sip a drink in the lounge chairs by the pool, and revel in the starry sky when you come home to a cool night’s breeze.

The Bay View Guestroom is another economical choice to savor all that Hilltop has to offer.

Right outside your front door and window, you can gaze at the best of Hilltop: the lush lawn and garden of palm, lime, oleander, mango, and hibiscus trees, and, just past the balcony with the hammock on your doorstep, the heart-shaped pool tempting you for a swim after a warm day exploring rustic Culebra. Just beyond the pool, feast your eyes on the azure waters of the Ensenada Honda encircled by green hills and a layer of Caribbean clouds that crown the edge of blue skies… Your other window looks over the rest of the garden and Resaca mountain in the distance. You are but scant minutes from the soft white sands of world-famous Flamenco Beach, or any other beach or diving spot. Close out your day of exploration with a cool drink and a bite at a restaurant in town, and you are back to the comfort of home with a five minute drive. As you make your way back to the balcony through soft path lights, look up! When the skies are clear, Culebra boasts a brilliant Milky Way, as you enjoy a night breeze cooling off the warmth of a tropical day. If you’re an early riser, you’re in for a treat: take a ride or a run in the soft light just before dawn to Zoni Beach in the east, where Culebra’s best sunrises await.

The Bay View Guestroom is actually two cozy rooms for your leisure and rest in the quiet of Hilltop, offering a queen-size bed in the bedroom, with curtains, air conditioning to refresh you after an adventurous day, and a full private bathroom. The back corner foyer offers plenty of space to set out your suitcases and beach gear.

At this price, you’re going to smile, knowing you’re kicking back with the best views in paradise.